Submissions FAQs

Are you accepting all submissions or jurying them?

No, we are not jurying the work: all submissions that fit the criteria stated in our submissions page will be accepted until we have reached our maximum capacity for the space. We anticipate taking approximately 500 works of art, however, that number may change depending on the types and sizes of works submitted.


Are you accepting sculpture?

Yes: all media are welcome. However, works must arrive ready to hang so all sculptural work must be submitted in such a way that it can be hung. This might mean including/attaching some kind of hook, etc, to the work before sending it to us. There will be no shelves, pedestals or tables to place work upon. Please address how sculptural work will hang in your application.


Size: 12” x 12”

How does this size limitation relate to framed work?

All work submitted must measure 12” x 12” or smaller when it arrives for the Nasty Women Chicago event. Flat work (painting, drawing, photograph, print, etc) does not need to be framed. However, if it is framed, the frame should measure no more than 12” x 12”. This size limitation is in place so that we can fit the maximum number of pieces in the show and make the most possible money for Planned Parenthood IL! Please respect it!


Can my piece be round but under 12" x 12"?

Absolutely! Please make sure, though, that it arrives ready to hang.


Can I submit a series of works? How should this fit into the 12" x 12" size limitation?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept series that exceed the 12” x 12” size limitation for this show. We encourage you to include a single item from a series or a stand alone piece. Small series that fit inside the 12” x 12” size limitation will be accepted.

Multiple small items: make your items fit into a 12” x 12”  


Do I have to create new work for this show?

Absolutely not! In fact, unless you are a very fast worker, you might want to stick to work that’s already finished. We are taking work on a first-come-first-serve basis and submissions are already pouring in.


Can I submit in-process work?

In-progress work will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please address completion of the work in your application. If your piece is accepted and you find yourself unable to complete it by the delivery date, please let us know so that we can fill your spot.


Are you asking for actual artwork mid March or a digital image only for out of town folks?

All we need from applicants in March is a digital image of the work and the rest of the information requested on our submissions form. This goes for both in-state and out-of-state applicants. There will be one delivery deadline for all applicants.


Can teens submit work?

Absolutely! All ages are welcome at the event.


Are you accepting sexually explicit work?

Explicit work will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. For the most part, Nasty Women Art Chicago is not jurying work. However, we do reserve the right to reject work with our discretion. Please keep in mind, too, that all ages are welcome to attend the event.


Can I donate my work even if it doesn't sell?

No! All work must arrive with sufficient return packaging and postage, NO EXCEPTIONS! Unsold work will be returned to the artist via mail. If your work arrives without return postage and doesn’t sell, we cannot ensure its safe return to you.


Where do I send my work?

Once your work is accepted into the exhibition, you’ll be sent a confirmation email containing all the information you’ll need for sending us your work including: shipping address, shipping deadline, and important reminders.