Nasty Women Art Chicago is seeking submissions for its May 5th event. Subject of the work can be, but does not need to be, political in nature. All work that fit the submission guidelines will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Women (trans-inclusive) artists only please; men are encouraged to donate, volunteer, attend the event, buy art, and support Nasty Women. 

Submissions will open for Illinois residents on March 5 and for the general public on March 19th. Submissions will close on April 5 or at such time as we hit our maximum capacity. Grab your paintbrushes, your cameras, your silk screens, your needles and thread, your chasing hammers, your bags of clay and get Nasty!


  • Work must be no bigger than 12” x 12” all media welcome.
  • All accepted work must arrive ready to hang and accompanied with sufficient return packaging and postage.
  • One submission per artist.
  • Artwork priced from $25-$200. Our goal is to have every piece sold:
    Please consider pricing your work accessibly. 
  • Artists will name price and all work must be for sale. 100% of profits will benefit Planned Parenthood of Illinois.

Have questions about our guidelines? Visit our Submissions FAQs page